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Wellnest is a physical and mental health care platform focusing on holistic healing. We’re working on a model of wellness programs based on balanced nutrition, physical fitness, healing through meditation and yoga treatments, healthy aging, and good gut health.


Health and Wellnesst Plan

Painful Periods

Many women face severe pain associated with menstruation for an average of 1 to 2 days each month. While some of them survive the critically distressing ….


Polycystic Ovarian Disease, commonly known as PCOD is a condition related to hormonal imbalances. When the ovaries of the women….

Fertility program

The ability to have a baby naturally is a miraculous experience. But not every woman is blessed with a fertile reproductive system….

Thyroid care

The thyroid is another common condition found in a handful of the reproductive population in recent times. When the Thyroid gland, which is responsible for….

Pain Management
Pain is a complex experience. From determining the root cause to tracking down the subsequent effects,it is an overwhelming journey to deal with different ….

One of the most common health conditions in the current scenario, Diabetes, is a chronic disease that occurs with a shooting blood sugar level. Insulin, a hormone released….

Client Stories

I had PCOD and irregular menstruation cycles causing difficulty in conceiving. I received guidance from Wellnest on how to resolve my health issues naturally through my diet and lifestyle changes.
Following the advice, I started with the lifestyle and diet changes and did the naturopathic practices with full faith and determination to get healthy. Soon afterwards, I observed improvement in my health. In about 6 months, I was delighted to hear from my doctor that my PCOD was resolved and my cycles got more regular. Shortly afterwards I was able to conceive and was blessed with a baby in Jan 2022. All thanks to Wellnest and It’s team for their constant support, guidance and help. I am extremely grateful to have met them in my journey of natural healing. I would definitely recommend Wellnest to all my friends and relatives

Deepti Khemani, Sydney

I was struggling with acidity and gastric issues for many years. I felt very weak because of my digestion problems But Wellnest instructors helped me out on with precise health programs with proper guidance. I am happy to have been associated with Wellnest and I would highly recommend their services.

Snita Garg, Delhi

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