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Wellnest is a holistic physical and mental care platform focusing on the natural healing process. Our wellness programs strive to touch and transform various lives of many people suffering from stress, anxiety, weight-loss challenges, fertility challenges, PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, and other health-related problems. We’re working on a model of wellness programs based on balanced nutrition, physical fitness, healing through meditation and yoga treatments, healthy aging, and good gut health. Our inclusive treatment plans, based on an organic approach to healing different health issues, have helped establish us as one of the top health and wellness companies in India. We provide natural healing solutions, including energy stimulation techniques, fitness plans, yoga, acupressure, mental health coaching, nutrition coaching services, and a heart full of support and motivation.

At Wellnest, we understand that healing takes time. Each program on our online health coaching platform is curated, keeping in mind the margin for customization according to the clientele’s needs. Relatively newer, our journey of healing and transforming so far has been fruitful for many clients. Check out our testimonials.

Deepti Jain is having 12 years of rich experience in the Corporate World. After having reversed many lifestyle diseases herself, she was desirous of adding value and assisting people to live healthy & happier life. It was her passion to help people find their inner balance and achieve their health goals through nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care.

She has obtained a specialization in Diploma in Acupressure from Aspeus; a Certified Raw Food Nutritionist from Centre of Excellence, UK; a PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from British Learning; a Certified Natural Health Nutritionist from IGMPI, INDIA; Licensed and Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader – Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, USA. Meeting so many learned mentors and intellectual peers has been a great treasure for her throughout this journey.

The Natural Healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well and in achieving vibrant health. Having firmly believe in this quote, Wellnest was founded with a mission and vision to heal & transform the lives of people with Natural Healing solutions. We believe in the power of nature to heal, restore, and protect, Unlocking the true power of health and creativity.  

Deepti believes in working with clients who are eager to make positive changes in their life and are willing to make healthy choices to move in the direction of achieving not only innate vibrant health but also an empowered life filled with success in having a harmonious relationship, a successful career, vibrant health, emotional balance, enhanced self-esteem and a positive self-image & unconditional self-love. She facilitates this with Nutritional coaching, Mindful exercises, and transformational workshops.

Join us as we create a healthier and happier world with Wellnest !!

My goal is to assist my clients in attaining a healthy relationship with their body and mind, all by using Natural Healing Modality Acutherapy.

My journey in this field began in 2015. I had recently separated from my husband and was surviving as a single woman; life couldn’t be more unpredictable for me at the time. I was struggling with my relationships, career, and health, and at that time I felt aimless believing all my passions and interests were lost. 

Little did I know at the time that all my views about the world were about to be changed when I discovered the phenomenon of Acutherapy. 

Intrigued to no end, I enrolled in the certificate program by Gujrat Ayurved University in 2015 to study Acupuncture Healing Sciences. At this time, I realized my path was meant for something bigger than I had anticipated. Acutherapy became a blessing in my life, for without it, I don’t know if I could transform my views of the world and my own body as I did. The more I learned, the more I understood the layers of emotions that reside in the human body and how we can nourish it with natural and self-healing techniques.

I received my Advance Diploma in Acupressure Healing Sciences from ASPEUS in June 2017. And in April 2018, I enrolled in Indian Research Institute for integrated medicine (IRIIM), where I obtained another certificate in Acutherapy in June 2018. I have also received a series of records in Yoga sciences, including Yoga Teacher’s training from Yoga Alliance Institute in Kerala. In 2019, I attended the Indian Academy of Acutherapy Science to study an advanced course in Acupuncture.

My work experience includes working as a freelancer and doing Internships as a Yoga and Acupuncture Therapist for three years. After which I ventured to gain corporate experience, wherein I worked as a Health and Wellness Coach for IT employees, allocated from Ananya Institute private, the company I worked for at that time.

I have worked at other Institutes as well, where I got great opportunity to gain practical experience with patients and teach as an Acupressure Therapist, simultaneously. My other experiences include working in a charitable clinic and assisting well known Acupuncture Therapist while gaining good clinical exposure.

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