Certificate in Acutherapy Healing Science

Eligibility : Minimum 10th Pass
Course Date: 16th September
Mode: Online
Inclusions: Course fee includes: all the books, Registration Fee, Exam Fee, Books, Treatment Kit.

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    About Courses

    This is a Certificate Course in Acutherapy Healing Science, a part of the alternative medicine domain. It is an online course that lasts six months. The students will understand what Acupressure is, how to find it on the body and on their hands, and how to apply this ancient Chinese therapy. We'll show you how to apply Acupressure accurately and effectively using Colours, Seeds, and Magnets. Our Program will teach you how to do Acupressure precisely and efficiently.

    You can launch a successful career for yourself after completing this course. Anyone interested in learning about Acupressure and its healing benefits can take this course. There are no specific eligibility criteria required for this course. Acupressure is explained in this course to provide students with an understanding of how it can be used for healing.

    This Acupressure science is distinct in its treatment techniques, is painless, non-invasive, and has no adverse effects. We at Wellnest have the incredible aim of assisting people on the health and prosperity front. The programs taught how to maintain one's and others' good health, job security, and self-employment opportunities.

    Advantage of the Course

    • The course is designed to give a detailed understanding of Acupressure and its healing benefits.
    • You may enroll in the second level of the Program, which is a Diploma in Acupressure Healing Sciences. You'll learn how to identify health problems and study many advanced therapies.
    • The course offers an online learning platform that is convenient for people who want to study at their own pace and time.
    • You can work at Acupressure centers or you can start your own practice after completing the course.

    Subjects Covered

    Ayurvedic Acupressure

    As it is known throughout the world, Ayurvedic Acupressure is based on our ancient scripture, the Charak Sanhita and Sushrut Ayurvedic Acupressure, as it is known worldwide, refer to Ayurvedic Treatment in which Vat, Pitta, and Kapha principles are employed. Indian Acupressure, in contrast to traditional worldwide usage, focuses on correcting imbalances in the human body caused by ten elements out of balance with the help of an entirely new set of meridians and their points. This Ayurvedic therapy developed in India based on ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts might legitimately be referred to as Indian Acupressure.

    The newly established Ayurvedic acupressure therapy is easy to learn and master, taking only a few months to grasp the intricacies. The therapy's great effectiveness, low cost, and lack of negative side effects have the potential to change medicine throughout the world. What is Ayurvedic Acupressure? Its Importance, Correspondence System. Ten Elements Theory, their plotting, How to do Treatment, and Introduction to the Ayurvedic Meridian are all topics you will Learn about.

    Chinese Acupressure

    For thousands of years, acupressure has been used in Chinese medicine. Basically, it works on the principle that energy lines run through your body and that applying pressure to them can improve your health. Acupressure is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine/Meridian. You'll learn about What acupressure is, Its Significance, The Correspondence System, All the Meridians, Their Pathways, and How to Apply Treatment. The acupuncture technique used in China is based on an intricate network of meridians that envelop the body with energy pathways covering it and treatments delivered by applying pressure at specific points along these channels. The fingers and toes are used to balance the elements and cure essentially all known illnesses by placing them on suitable finger/toe meridian locations to balance the elements, utilizing two types of micro magnets with one having north polarity and the other with south polarity. The therapy is simple, safe, and does not require particular talents.

    Basic Anatomy & Physiology

    This lesson covers the basics of human anatomy. It aids in the development of fundamental ideas regarding how our bodies operate. With the aid of anatomy and physiology class, one may learn theoretical theories and practical functionalities of the human body. This will assist in both diagnosis and therapy. The course covers the topics of Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology, Cells and Tissues, The Integumentary System, The Skeletal System, The Muscular System, The Nervous System, and so on.

    Opportunities: A plethora of career opportunities awaits

    1. After you've completed all of the semesters, you may become an expert acupressure practitioner.
    2. With this course, you can find employment in Acupressure centers or start your practice.
    3. You may work as a naturopath or at an alternative medical center.
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