Fertility Program​

Fertility Program

The ability to have a baby naturally is a miraculous experience. But not every woman is blessed with a fertile reproductive system. Medically, infertility is defined as an inability to conceive a baby after unprotected sex for over a period of one year (for women below 35 years) and 6 months (for women above 35 years).

One of the hushed secrets behind infertility is that it begins years way beyond what you might have imagined. Whether it's your missed period, ovarian cysts, hormonal imbalances, or excessive PMS pain, all of it can impact your ability to bring a bundle of joy into your life.

Fertility Program

Our Solutions/Remedies For You

Expert Consultation

Our expert consultation is tailor-made for you that helps us determine the exact problem and its root cause. It is a perfect way to pave a path for the right solution to heal from within.

Energy Stimulation

Energy is the foundation of healthy living. In Energy Stimulation, we perform Acupressure and Acupuncture therapies to regulate the flow of energy by concentrating on pressure points in our body.

Nutritional Strategy

What we eat reflects on the outside and inside our bodies. With Nutritional Strategy, we help you intake satisfactorily to feel good while keeping in mind the essential nutritional values.

Balanced Body and Mind

Yoga is one of the most prominent techniques for balancing mind and body. At Wellnest, we focus on vitality, wholeness, and healthy interconnection through refreshing Yoga and meditation sessions.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is a prominent part of every wellness treatment at Wellnest. Quiet your mind and let your soul talk through the medium of Meditation.

Customized Healing

At Wellnest, we understand that every individual heals and transforms differently. Customized healing packages provide you the freedom to heal the way you like! Customize your healing program according to your bodily needs.

How To Get Started?

Restore your vibrant health in just four simple steps.

Free Consultation

Share your medical history with us to convey your needs and requirements.

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Customised Programs

Our experts work with you to understand the type of program you’re seeking. Choose what’s convenient for you and get your customised package ready.

Follow-up Consultation

Our team is specialised in keeping touch with the clients and their well-being progress. Receive follow-up consultation to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fertility

Wellnest’s Fertility Program is designed to enable people facing fertility problems have healthy conceptions & pregnancies with holistic natural healing solutions. We provide nutritional guidance, acupressure treatment, yoga exercises, and herbal remedies to help both men and women increase their chances of conception. We also provide customised programs for specialised assistance.

Infertility is a complex issue and there could be several reasons for difficulty in conceiving a baby. Both men and women can have potential risk factors that may contribute to infertility or difficulty in conceiving.

  • Age-related Factors: With an increase in age in women and men, the chances to conceive naturally decline over time.
  • Missed Ovulation: When women ovulate, an egg is released from the ovaries that should be fertilised to conceive a baby. For some women, missed ovulation can be a trigger to infertility.
  • Sperm Count and Quality: For men, low sperm motility or poor sperm quality or even abnormal sperm shape can significantly impact the process of fertilization. The main reasons for this can be lifestyle choices, excessive drinking, stress, genetic factors, and other medical conditions.
  • Fallopian Tubes Blockage: For some women, the blockage in the fallopian tube can hinder the process of fertilization. Pelvic diseases, inflammation, endometriosis, or previous surgeries can cause such blockage.
  • Lifestyle Factors and Stress: Smoking, drug use, and excessive alcohol consumption can negatively affect the process of conceiving a baby. Additionally, many researchers have asserted stress also as one of the most common factors of infertility.

Improving fertility in both, men and women is a crucial goal and can be achieved by altering various aspects of daily lifestyle choices. We, as a wellness company in India believe in achieving natural results through traditional ways that can sustain lifelong effects for our clients and thus, only promote natural alternative therapies for improving fertility and overall health. According to our wellness plans, some ways in which you can increase and improve fertility in both men and women are listed below.

  • Maintaining Healthy Weight: Extreme body weight, whether it is underweight or overweight, irrespective of gender can affect fertility. It can disrupt hormone levels and affect the production of sperm and the ovulation process.
  • Balanced Nutrition: Nutrition Coach can help you gain insightful details about your body and how you can prepare it for a healthy fertilization process. For starters, you can include plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains in your diet. Include red-coloured fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants in your daily platter. Food choices like spinach nuts, sunflower seeds can also be useful.
  • Moderate Physical Activities and YogaExercises: Always be sure to include moderate exercises in your schedule. Also, yoga can help you work wonders when it comes to managing fertility. Asanas like Butterfly Pose, Viprit Karni, Balasana, Badhkod Asana, Fish Pose, Cat & Cow Pose, Janushershasna, and Suptbadh Asana can help you tremendously in achieving the desired results.
  • Avoiding Harmful Substances: Excessive use of alcohol, smoking, consumption of tobacco and drug use should be stopped immediately, for both men and women, if you are trying to improve your fertility.
  • Regular Sexual Intercourse: It is best to engage in regular sexual intercourse, every 2-3 days, especially during the menstrual cycle. Regular intercourse can help you ensure that your sperms are present during ovulation.
  • Tracking Periods: It is important to track your menstrual cycle when you are trying to conceive. In many cases, the duration and different phases of your menstrual cycle can help you determine your chances of fertility too.
  • Seek Professional Help: If you are still finding it difficult to conceive a baby, you can talk to our Fertility experts at Wellnest who can guide you through your journey of having a baby based on your body type, health condition, specific causes, and other factors.

Yes, activities like yoga, running, meditation, strength training, etc. can greatly affect fertility in both men and women. Correcting your physical regime will help you get your health back on track and reduce complications in fertility.

It is not necessary that people who had a miscarriage before might not be able to conceive later. Miscarriages can happen due to several reasons like the quality of the egg, thinning of the uterus lining and more. Each biological factor affects the process of conceiving and pregnancy differently. Thus, understanding the root cause of a miscarriage and then working on it can help you conceive again. At Wellnest, we deal with every case uniquely based on the root causes to customise your fertility plan. So, healthy pregnancy can be achieved even after a miscarriage in most of the cases, subject to the root cause.

Yes, fertility consultation includes a screening of both, husband and wife and offers natural solutions as per the requirement.

Wellnest’s Fertility Program is designed for 3 months. However, the duration depends on the severity of the condition and recovery rate. The wellness program can be extended based on the condition.

Yes, you can keep up with your clinical treatment along with our Fertility Program. We offer natural healing therapies that can go along well with your clinical treatments. Although, it is necessary to check with your clinical practitioners and therapists for a customised approach.

A good diet and healthy nutritional practices are directly interrelated to fertility and can impact your chances of conceiving in the long term. Maintaining a balanced nutritional content along with other natural solutions in your body can help in overcoming fertility issues. We provide comprehensive dietary guidance through certified Nutrition Coach that can help you improve your chances of fertility.

There are several ways to get in touch with us and avail Wellnest Fertility Program. We are a wellness company in India that offers holistic healing solutions for various core issues. You can call us on the contact number provided on our website to book your first consultation for our health and wellness programs. After you pay the consultation fee, you will receive an email confirmation along with our consultation form. Fill up the form and share your reports along with it. We will evaluate your case and get back to you with a detailed proposal enclosing the program details, schedule, and charges.

Note: The consultation fee is non-refundable and would be adjusted in the program fee if you choose to take up the course.

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