Painful Periods

Painful periods

Many women face severe pain associated with menstruation for an average of 1 to 2 days each month. While some of them survive the critically distressing pink days longer than usual. But, is it normal?

To anyone's surprise, each woman experiences periods differently. For some of us, periods are extremely enfeebling with a trail of other symptoms caused due to deficiencies and underlying health conditions. Some commonly seen symptoms are:

  • Severe Abdominal Cramps
  • Swollen Breasts
  • Extreme Mood Swings
  • Weakened Legs
  • Pimples on Face and Breasts
Painful Periods

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Balanced Body and Mind

Yoga is one of the most prominent techniques for balancing mind and body. At Wellnest, we focus on vitality, wholeness, and healthy interconnection through refreshing Yoga and meditation sessions.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is a prominent part of every wellness treatment at Wellnest. Quiet your mind and let your soul talk through the medium of Meditation.

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At Wellnest, we understand that every individual heals and transforms differently. Customized healing packages provide you the freedom to heal the way you like! Customize your healing program according to your bodily needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Painful Periods

When the muscular wall of the uterus tightens, it causes cramps, which we usually define as pain during periods. However, the exact cause of period pain still varies in females; certain factors like shedding womb lining, dehydration, the release of prostaglandins (a chemical that triggers uterine muscle contraction in females), and other lifestyle disorders can contribute to painful menstrual days.

Hormonal changes or fluctuations play a major role in period pain. Low estrogenic levels in women can lead to increased pain sensitivity, making the cramps severe.

At times, the strong and rhythmic uterine muscle contractions during the shed of the womb lining temporarily cut the blood supply to the uterus, causing unbearable period pain. Other factors like Endometriosis, which is the growth of tissues outside the uterus, can also be a leading cause of painful periods.

No, it is not normal to have unbearable menstrual pain. One may experience some discomfort and mild menstrual cramps, but excessively painful periods are alarming and might indicate a health condition that should be brought to notice. There are different types of period pain and dysmenorrhea lies on a high level of severity.

The condition of the excessively painful period is known as Dysmenorrhea, and it can significantly impact a female’s quality of life. If you are facing severe menstrual cramps hampering your daily functioning, then it is advised to get yourself checked for dysmenorrhea and take steps for period cramp relief. Natural therapies can be very helpful to manage dysmenorrhea and you can opt for a period care package to help yourself. You can check out health and wellness programs at Wellnest for more information on period care.

Period pain is inevitable for some people and can be dealt with in many natural ways. We at Wellnest promote natural therapies and lifestyle changes to avoid popping pills while you are on your period. Many people opt for heat therapy around the lower abdomen as a pain relief. Adequate hydration and fiber-rich food are also considered common resorts to managing painful periods.

Some natural alternatives like exercises, dietary changes, herbal drinks, relaxation techniques, proper sleep, and acutherapy can foster comfort and in many cases, pain-free menses.

The periods program at Wellnest is divided into 4 sections – Acupressure treatment, Comprehensive Nutritional Guidance, Yoga Benefits& Emotional Healing. We offer holistic healing solutions and wellness plans related to menstruation and excessive pain through our four-module approach, wherein all 4 sections are customised as per the specific health and needs of the clients. Within these modules, several activities and practices are introduced to commit to a long-term goal.

Wellnest Period Program is subjected to a minimum of 3 months span and can be increased as needed. You can get this health and wellness program customised as per your requirements.

When you book a consultation with Wellnest, we send you a Google form to collect your health details. This form will require details aboutyour medical history, family history, health conditions, symptoms, dietary schedule, fitness schedule, nutritional intake, and various other health-related questions.
After receiving the form, we study your details and schedule a consultation to understand your health profile in detail. We provide you with an overview of your health status based on the information and discuss possible solutions that can be opted for to give you a holistic healing experience. Additionally, we review the program that will be best suited according to your condition. The first consultation is paid and will be adjusted in your program fee if you opt for it.
When you opt for a three-month plan with us, we provide12 sessions with the nutritionist (weekly dietary reviews), daily food monitoring, and 6 sessions with the acupressure therapist (acupressure reviews every 2 weeks). For any further assistance, we are available on WhatsApp. You can send in your queries and our team will revert you in 24-36 hours.

Various natural ways can be used for pain relief during periods.

  • Heat therapy: Applying a hot water bag, or heat to the lower abdomen can help relax the muscles and relieve menstrual cramps.
  • Exercise: Doing gentle exercise can help loosen menstrual pain.
  • Dietary modifications: Increasing the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant-rich foods like flax seeds, chia seeds, kidney beans, walnuts, etc., can have anti-inflammatory effects and potentially reduce pain.
  • Herbal treatments: Traditional herbs and supplements such as ginger, cinnamon, chamomile, and cramp bark are an effective source of comfort for period pain.
  • Essential oils: Essential oils extracted from lavender, clary sage, and peppermint have soothing and pain-relieving properties. You can dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil to massage your lower abdomen or inhale their aroma via an aroma diffuser.
  • Relaxation methods such as deep breathing, meditation, guided imagery, or PMR – Progressive Muscle Relaxation can help relax the bodyand alleviate menstrual pain.
  • Acupressure treatment can help alleviate cramps and promote relaxation.
  • Sufficient rest and sleep are significant for overall well-being during menses.
  • Stress management methods such as meditation, mindfulness, and yoga exercises can promote joy and relaxation can help lower stress levels and minimize discomfort.
  • Proper hydration is crucial during menstruation as it helps maintain overall health and may soothe some symptoms.

It is very important to listen to your body, try diverse methods, and consult a healthcare specialist if your symptoms are intense, persistent, or extremely impacting your daily life.

Yes, ifyou are struggling with PCOD, Wellnest Period Program is sure to help you get your hormonal and emotional health back on track. But, in case of severe PCOD, you can also opt for our PCODwellness plan instead to deal with specific problems. We are a wellness company in India that offers holistic healing solutions for all female-health-related issues.

Yes, you will get a comprehensive diet plan designed by our certified nutrition coach, customised to your needs and body type in our periods’ package. Diet and nutrition are very important aspects of a healthy period cycle and greatly affect the duration as well as discomfort faced during menstruation. We have specialised nutrition and therapy professionals to take care of each client and help them on the food and nutrition front when dealing with health conditions.

There are several ways to get in touch with us and avail Wellnest Period Program. We are a wellness company in India that offers holistic healing solutions for various core issues. You can call us at the contact number provided on our website to book your first consultation for our health and wellness programs. After you pay the consultation fee, you will receive an email confirmation along with our consultation form. Fill up the form and share your reports along with it. We will evaluate your case and get back to you with a detailed proposal enclosing the program details, schedule, and charges.

Note: The consultation fee is non-refundable and will be adjusted in the program fee if you choose to take up the course.

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